On the awkwardness of first posts

First posts, like first dates, are awkward. Not that I’ve ever been on a date, but still.
So, what do people do on first dates?
1) They introduce themselves.
I’m Olivia. A student, trainee authoress, and all-round eccentric daydreaming misfit.
2) They make themselves sound interesting.
Um… I take Spanish after school. I write novels in November. I bake cupcakes that haven’t given anyone food poisoning… yet.
3) They have deep conversations about what they want in life.
(Note: the person who told me this is known for their sarcasm. But I like to be optimistic.)
I want to be a writer. If I could play guitar, I’d be in a band called Apocalypse And Beyond (long story) with the crazy people I call ‘friends’.
4) They leave.
But I’ll be back soon…


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