On tropes and fruit Mentos

Before you read this post, read this. (Disclaimer: if you are compelled to spend far too much of your life than is healthy there, it’s not my fault.)
In my humble opinion, tropes are there to subvert. Boy-rescues-emotionally-scarred-girl-and-they-end-up-happily-ever-after (I’m sure there’s a page for that) is pretty popular at the moment. And if something is popular, I tend to ignore it. What if the girl rescued the boy? What if the boy was the scarred one? (Though scarred-girl-rescues-boy sounds quite fun to write.) What if they had to work for their happily ever after? As everything I write ends up being a) fantasy, b) romance, c) comedy, or d) all three, I had to include dragons in there somewhere. After much thought and packets of fruit Mentos, I ended up with Rella, a feisty dragon-tamer looking after her little brother single-handedly, and Lyle, an abused prince kept locked away from the rest of the people. I thought of Albia, a society where people are judged on their hair and eye colour; Hawke, Lyle’s manipulative tutor; Paisleigh, the ditzy, loveable princess; Aladdin, the innocent kid forced to grow up too soon; and a plot for NaNoWriMo. The Literary Perefticonist is happy. And when she is happy, she eats fruit Mentos. She shall go do that now. Until next time.


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