On fandoms

Note: if you don’t know what fandoms or shipping are, run. Run, and never get involved. Ever.
That said…
Does anyone else have those “My fandom understands me” moments? When you say some kind of reference and everyone stares at you?
(Harry Potter = my life.)
“You’re as bad as a Drarry shipper.” Just… no. Leave them alone.
“You. Abused. The. Line.” After someone asked my brother if he still supports Liverpool, and he said “Always”. Don’t even go there.
“That’s almost as romantic as Snape.” (And that’s honestly not sarcasm.) At which point a friend only on Goblet of Fire looked at me like… like I shipped Voldemort and Harry.
“That killed my soul like the Deathly Hallows epilogue.” Because.
And the most common one:
“My fandom understands me.”


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