Top Ten: Protagonists

Disclaimer: I know, I know. There’s only nine. But they’re nine good ones, promise.

9. Percy from the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series-es (what’s the plural of series? Seri? From now on, all series-es will be called seri.)
Funny, charismatic, wields a sword like it’s, um, easy? Oh, and is in a seriously awesome series. Win-win.

8. Katniss from The Hunger Games
She’s strong. She’s determined. You can ship her with Draco Malfoy. Get on it, Catnip.

7. Dannyl from the Black Magician trilogy
He’s smart, good under pressure, and *gasp* gay. But he’s not stereotyped at all. Maybe that’s why we love him.

6. Eli Monpress from the Legend of Eli Monpress series
A wittier fantasy protagonist I have not found. And the books are awesome.

5. Cery from the Black Magician trilogy
He’s a thief. ’Nuff said.

4. Josie Chrimes from Mortlock
I have a thing for strong female characters. And Josie’s one of them. What I love about her in particular is that you can see her flaws, which is pretty rare in YA.

3. Harry Potter from (guess what?) the Harry Potter series
He’s the hero of heroes. And Rowling’s so horrible to him* you can’t help but sympathize. Spoiler for Order of the Phoenix (or possibly Half-Blood Prince) and Deathly Hallows just there.

2. Sonea from the Black Magician trilogy
Again, Trudi Canavan’s too horrible to her***. But Sonea’s flawed, and therefore I love her. Spoiler for The High Lord.

1. Alix Townsend from The Shop on Blossom Street
She’s defensive, modern, and abused, and she gets her guy in the end. Because no matter how cynical I am, I’ll always love a HEA.

* She killed his mother, father, godfather, mentor, protector**, and teacher.

** Snape.

*** She gets together with Akkarin, and he dies. But there’s a whole new take on Babies Ever After! A whole new trilogy, in fact. I shall read them one day.


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