On tattoo-able quotes

This was a product of a Top Ten post I was planning and the lyrics of a song called No One Does It Better.
“If I were an honest guy/I’d give this world another try.”
I think that would make a pretty cool tattoo. If you were an honest guy, you’d give this world another try. And for the record, as soon as I hit sixteen, I am getting tattooed. Probably not with that, but I. Love. Tattoos. (Remind me of that in a couple years. c:)
So, if I was a) sixteen and b) in a tattoo parlour with money, what would I get?
Expecto Patronum. Possibly with a silver doe.
Titillare dormientem draco, which is “Tickle a sleeping dragon” in Latin and a subverted Harry Potter reference. Because I can.
And so on, a Kurt V quote. And because whatever happens, life goes on.
A purple elephant, because NaNoWriMo will be a part of my life every November, and without the Purple Elephants (look on the Teens forum) I would never have gotten to 50,000.
That’s what she said. Doesn’t make it the truth. Plus, it’s funny.
A moustache on the side of my finger. Because I have a sense of humour.
Mischief Managed. To remind me of that reckless day I got a tattoo. Of all the awesome times the Harry Potter generation – fictional and real – have had.
Mudblood on my inner wrist. My right wrist. The one I write with and wear lots of wristbands over. Take that as you will.


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