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Mini Monday: My New Favourite Blogs

Or, I’ve been reading this blog recently.
I had a much more interesting Mini Monday post, but WordPress died on me, so you’re stuck with other bloggers. Bloggers like Sarah, Rachel Aaron, and Jamie Chavez. Bloggers that probably don’t use the WordPress app.
I’ve got a playlist post coming out Tuesday, so I’ll see you then. Happy, uh, Monday.


Mini Monday: My Affair With Bands

I’ve been discovering a lot of new alternative bands recently. One of my favourites is My Chemical Romance, and their song Teenagers.
It’s one of the most accurate songs I’ve heard in a while. Even if you don’t like MCR, I recommend you listen to it.
I’ve got a playlist post coming out tomorrow, in my A to Z Music Challenge. The idea? A playlist beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Tomorrow‘s is called Alternate Smiles, or some such.
So that’s me. See you Wednesday.

Mini Monday: Openings

My new novel starts with the main character being saved from suicide.
Emily Tallow, seventeen. Self-harmer, anorexic, but this is her first suicide attempt.
And I know what she feels like.