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On my new indie ship

Or: Teddy Lupin and Tom Riddle would make a rather nice slash pairing.
Think about it. Haunted by their pasts, both dark, good-looking teen boys, both fighting for a cause they truly believe in.
And they have no fanfiction. None at all.
Life is unfair. I don’t have the time to write them, but if I did…


On tattoo-able quotes

This was a product of a Top Ten post I was planning and the lyrics of a song called No One Does It Better.
“If I were an honest guy/I’d give this world another try.”
I think that would make a pretty cool tattoo. If you were an honest guy, you’d give this world another try. And for the record, as soon as I hit sixteen, I am getting tattooed. Probably not with that, but I. Love. Tattoos. (Remind me of that in a couple years. c:)
So, if I was a) sixteen and b) in a tattoo parlour with money, what would I get?
Expecto Patronum. Possibly with a silver doe.
Titillare dormientem draco, which is “Tickle a sleeping dragon” in Latin and a subverted Harry Potter reference. Because I can.
And so on, a Kurt V quote. And because whatever happens, life goes on.
A purple elephant, because NaNoWriMo will be a part of my life every November, and without the Purple Elephants (look on the Teens forum) I would never have gotten to 50,000.
That’s what she said. Doesn’t make it the truth. Plus, it’s funny.
A moustache on the side of my finger. Because I have a sense of humour.
Mischief Managed. To remind me of that reckless day I got a tattoo. Of all the awesome times the Harry Potter generation – fictional and real – have had.
Mudblood on my inner wrist. My right wrist. The one I write with and wear lots of wristbands over. Take that as you will.

On hypnotism

Have you heard of Derren Brown? Of the trick where he ‘hypnotized’ Britain to stay stuck to their chairs? No? YouTube it. I can’t find the link at the moment.
Watch it. Go on.

Now get up. Can you?

They use subliminal frames. Frames telling you you’re stuck. And we Brits fall for them.
For the record, I didn’t. But I made my brother stand by me in case I did. I’d told him to slap me if I couldn’t get up. He was quite disappointed when I could.
Or, subliminal frames.
Do your characters believe in it?
More importantly, do you?

On tropes and fruit Mentos

Before you read this post, read this. (Disclaimer: if you are compelled to spend far too much of your life than is healthy there, it’s not my fault.)
In my humble opinion, tropes are there to subvert. Boy-rescues-emotionally-scarred-girl-and-they-end-up-happily-ever-after (I’m sure there’s a page for that) is pretty popular at the moment. And if something is popular, I tend to ignore it. What if the girl rescued the boy? What if the boy was the scarred one? (Though scarred-girl-rescues-boy sounds quite fun to write.) What if they had to work for their happily ever after? As everything I write ends up being a) fantasy, b) romance, c) comedy, or d) all three, I had to include dragons in there somewhere. After much thought and packets of fruit Mentos, I ended up with Rella, a feisty dragon-tamer looking after her little brother single-handedly, and Lyle, an abused prince kept locked away from the rest of the people. I thought of Albia, a society where people are judged on their hair and eye colour; Hawke, Lyle’s manipulative tutor; Paisleigh, the ditzy, loveable princess; Aladdin, the innocent kid forced to grow up too soon; and a plot for NaNoWriMo. The Literary Perefticonist is happy. And when she is happy, she eats fruit Mentos. She shall go do that now. Until next time.