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On my new corner of the Interweb

I can be found here. (And most probably here too, but I’m a despicable lurker. Apologies.)
And – Carry On by Fun. is an amazing song.
Goodbye, fellow victims users of the interwebs. It’s been a pleasure.
— The Literary Perefticonist


On the lifehackyness of the Tumblesphere

In other words, I shall be moving to Tumblr once my URL has been decided. It might be the Literary Perefticonist, but then again, it won’t be.
I know I already have a Tumblr, but it’s getting far too depressing for my occasional Emma Watson fangirling. So I shall make a new one. A bucket list Tumblr, if you will.
(A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die.)
Naturally, my characters have bucket lists too. I’ll share them later… over at Tumblr.
So, without further ado:
“I guess this is where we say goodbye,” she says.
I swallow. “I guess.”
“I won’t see you again. Not this side of hell, at least.” She smiles. “Bye, Rella. Tamer of dragons.”
It’s become our little inside joke now. And all of a sudden, it hits me. Paisleigh Blue, Princess of Albia. The only one who’s been there for me since the day we met. My best friend in all of the Three Kingdoms. Perhaps my only one.
And now she’s leaving.
Even now, she understands. The hug she pulls me into holds more than just the goodbye of two best friends. It’s all the words we never said, all the things we never did, our bucket lists we wrote that we never fulfilled. It’s us.
And I wish it didn’t have to end.
“I’ll miss you,” I whisper.
Paisleigh smiles, but her eyes are watering.
“Be careful of the dragon pats,” she says. She kisses me on the cheek before walking away.
It takes several gulps before I can speak. “Paisleigh?”
She turns to face me, tears glittering in those pale blue eyes.
“Wherever you’re going – I hope they have Blueroots wine.”
Paisleigh smiles, and disappears over the hill. In the sky, the Paislo constellation seems to shine a little bit dimmer.

Excerpt from my NaNo Novel. © All rights reserved.

On post schedules

I’m going to post at least two times a week.
Mini Monday – a short post.
Writerly Wednesday – a post about writing.
Swing-By Friday – my roundup of the last week; you can swing by instead of looking at my Tumblr.

On the awkwardness of first posts

First posts, like first dates, are awkward. Not that I’ve ever been on a date, but still.
So, what do people do on first dates?
1) They introduce themselves.
I’m Olivia. A student, trainee authoress, and all-round eccentric daydreaming misfit.
2) They make themselves sound interesting.
Um… I take Spanish after school. I write novels in November. I bake cupcakes that haven’t given anyone food poisoning… yet.
3) They have deep conversations about what they want in life.
(Note: the person who told me this is known for their sarcasm. But I like to be optimistic.)
I want to be a writer. If I could play guitar, I’d be in a band called Apocalypse And Beyond (long story) with the crazy people I call ‘friends’.
4) They leave.
But I’ll be back soon…