On post schedules

I’m going to post at least two times a week.
Mini Monday – a short post.
Writerly Wednesday – a post about writing.
Swing-By Friday – my roundup of the last week; you can swing by instead of looking at my Tumblr.


Mini Monday: Openings

My new novel starts with the main character being saved from suicide.
Emily Tallow, seventeen. Self-harmer, anorexic, but this is her first suicide attempt.
And I know what she feels like.

On the realms of otherworldly networks

Or – I have a Tumblr. (Is that it? Or do you say, “I am on Tumblr”? Or “I have a Tumblog”? Regardless, I am blogging on Tumblr.)
Tis a fandom blog. All the Potterheads and Wallflowers are Tumbling (Tumblring?), so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. You might see a few textilicious posts there, but for the most part, I shall geeketh.
(Oh, and by the way, this is how I talk online. I normally make an effort to be normal. Well, more normal.)
Of course, I’ll keep blogging here. But you shall see me in the Tumbland (rather than the Pressville) more often.
To Tumblr and beyond,
— The Literary Perefticonist.

On wallflower-ism

Not half an hour ago, I finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s taken me just under two days. I would’ve been quicker, but a) life interfered and b) it was on my phone in PDF format, and I don’t have my phone 24/7. If you’ve never read it, you need to. It’s incredible. Beg, borrow, or steal a copy and don’t do anything until you’ve finished it. Especially not read this blog post.

I’m sitting typing up this post listening to the Film of the Book’s soundtrack. And I’m wondering why I loved it so much.

I think we all have a bit of Charlie in us. Some more than others.

Me, I’m a wallflower. If I disappeared, no one would notice. And I can relate to Charlie. A lot. But that doesn’t explain why so many other people loved the book.

Charlie gives us wallflowers hope. Hope that we can actually be noticed. Make a difference. Be loved. Because if people love Charlie, surely they can love us.

On tattoo-able quotes

This was a product of a Top Ten post I was planning and the lyrics of a song called No One Does It Better.
“If I were an honest guy/I’d give this world another try.”
I think that would make a pretty cool tattoo. If you were an honest guy, you’d give this world another try. And for the record, as soon as I hit sixteen, I am getting tattooed. Probably not with that, but I. Love. Tattoos. (Remind me of that in a couple years. c:)
So, if I was a) sixteen and b) in a tattoo parlour with money, what would I get?
Expecto Patronum. Possibly with a silver doe.
Titillare dormientem draco, which is “Tickle a sleeping dragon” in Latin and a subverted Harry Potter reference. Because I can.
And so on, a Kurt V quote. And because whatever happens, life goes on.
A purple elephant, because NaNoWriMo will be a part of my life every November, and without the Purple Elephants (look on the Teens forum) I would never have gotten to 50,000.
That’s what she said. Doesn’t make it the truth. Plus, it’s funny.
A moustache on the side of my finger. Because I have a sense of humour.
Mischief Managed. To remind me of that reckless day I got a tattoo. Of all the awesome times the Harry Potter generation – fictional and real – have had.
Mudblood on my inner wrist. My right wrist. The one I write with and wear lots of wristbands over. Take that as you will.

Top Ten: Protagonists

Disclaimer: I know, I know. There’s only nine. But they’re nine good ones, promise.

9. Percy from the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series-es (what’s the plural of series? Seri? From now on, all series-es will be called seri.)
Funny, charismatic, wields a sword like it’s, um, easy? Oh, and is in a seriously awesome series. Win-win.

8. Katniss from The Hunger Games
She’s strong. She’s determined. You can ship her with Draco Malfoy. Get on it, Catnip.

7. Dannyl from the Black Magician trilogy
He’s smart, good under pressure, and *gasp* gay. But he’s not stereotyped at all. Maybe that’s why we love him.

6. Eli Monpress from the Legend of Eli Monpress series
A wittier fantasy protagonist I have not found. And the books are awesome.

5. Cery from the Black Magician trilogy
He’s a thief. ’Nuff said.

4. Josie Chrimes from Mortlock
I have a thing for strong female characters. And Josie’s one of them. What I love about her in particular is that you can see her flaws, which is pretty rare in YA.

3. Harry Potter from (guess what?) the Harry Potter series
He’s the hero of heroes. And Rowling’s so horrible to him* you can’t help but sympathize. Spoiler for Order of the Phoenix (or possibly Half-Blood Prince) and Deathly Hallows just there.

2. Sonea from the Black Magician trilogy
Again, Trudi Canavan’s too horrible to her***. But Sonea’s flawed, and therefore I love her. Spoiler for The High Lord.

1. Alix Townsend from The Shop on Blossom Street
She’s defensive, modern, and abused, and she gets her guy in the end. Because no matter how cynical I am, I’ll always love a HEA.

* She killed his mother, father, godfather, mentor, protector**, and teacher.

** Snape.

*** She gets together with Akkarin, and he dies. But there’s a whole new take on Babies Ever After! A whole new trilogy, in fact. I shall read them one day.

Top Ten: Harry Potter Ships

Please don’t hurt me if I don’t say your favourite. And tell me what you think in the comments.
TL;DR I’m a shameless shipper and I don’t own Harry Potter.

10. Aberforth and Narcissa
Starting with the most obscure, unlikely, Thornton’s-sharing-box* type favourite pairing.
Aberforth Dumbledore is an understated, clever person who, when push comes to shove, will do anything for his family.
Narcissa Black (Malfoy, whatever) is an understated, clever person who, when push comes to shove, will do anything for her family.
And Narcissa is related to Draco, which makes her officially amazing.

9. Harry and Ginny
The cutest canon couple in the history of cute canon couples. Aww.
Plus, Ginny’s the type that’ll hex Harry if he’s stupid. You go, girl.

8. Ron and Hermione
Because Ron’s a little puppy at heart (I will love you forever if you get the reference) and deserves to get the girl. Although the fact that he’s one of my favourite characters doesn’t stop me from shipping Hermione with, ah, others.

7. Draco and Katniss
I know, I know. Draco’s from the Potterverse, Katniss is from Panem. That aside, I think they’d work. They’ve both got that kind of ruthless determination to get what they want. And I can’t stand Peeta.

6. Blaise and Luna
1. Luna needs more love.
2. So does Blaise.
3. Blaise is more tolerant than your average Slytherin, and Luna’s… not your average Ravenclaw. They’re both smart in their own way (look, I’m trying) and loved by the fans. Plus, getting them together would be funny.

5. Tom Riddle and Hermione
By Tom Riddle, I mean the one that pops out of the diary in Chamber of Secrets, not Lord Voldy. It’s the classic “good girl falls for bad boy” trope. But I think this would be far more interesting than the average execution of it.

4. Remus and Tonks

3. Neville and Luna
The two most underestimated characters in the Potterverse. Plus. Who. Does. Not. Love. Neville. And/Or. Luna.

2. Draco and Hermione
Not the Hermione-gets-a-makeover-because-Ron’s-cheated-on-her-and-Draco-realizes-how-beautiful-she-really-is fanfics (and I know you’ve all read at least one). When they’re done properly, when they stay in character (or, as in character as this ship gets), they can be. So. Cute.
I have two Dramione fics to recommend. And I can’t remember either of them at the moment. I‘ll find the links later.

1. Snape and Lily
The love story that never happened.
Two friends caught up in circumstances beyond their control.
One word spoken in a fit of anger.
Two friends, now enemies.
But they never forgot each other.
What if things were different?
What if Snape hadn’t called her that?
What if Lily had forgiven him?
What if he’d told Lily the truth before she died?
What if it’s called fanfiction?

So, there you have it. My top ten Harry Potter ships.

And I have some notes:

1. I don’t own Harry Potter any more than I’m a published, successful author and you’re my pet chipmunk. And if I did, we all know I wouldn’t be able to do him – or his story – justice.
2. You may have noticed I haven’t got any slash pairings. When it comes to fanfiction, I prefer to keep a character’s sexual orientation canon. But! I have nothing against gay people. In my WIP, I have four couples with decent page time. Well, four that should get together by the end. One is an insanely awesome lesbian couple. And one is a straight transsexual couple. (Um… I mean a biological girl and a transsexual boy. Which, in my mind, makes a straight couple.) I also have a secondary couple where one lover is bisexual. I’m fairly confident that I can write them without buckling under the weight of clichés.
For the record, I have two Asian, one mixed, and one black character. I’m mixed, and know more than enough POC to avoid stereotyping my characters.
But Draco and Harry?** Just… no.
3. Yes, I’ve read fanfictions of all these pairings, and many, many more. Mostly on FanFiction.net, but some were pieces by my awesomely talented friends who shall remain unnamed.
4. I’m ever so slightly obsessed with Harry Potter. In case you hadn’t guessed.
5. This post is far too long. Goodbye, nice, kind, patient readers.

* A guilty pleasure, no?
** If you ship them, that’s your ship. And I shall never read the fanfiction you read.

Dear Miss Annie Onymous: Aw, that’s sweet. Just because I don’t ship your OTP, you feel the need to flame me. Well, I could do something, but I’m paralyzed with not caring very much.
(Note to all the rest of you: I will feed you cookies for eternity if you get that reference.)